Speaking of socks

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon!

My Secret Pal somehow knew the exact size needles that work for the guage I needed for my socks, and sent me a set of bamboo DPNs. Plus there is a a bag of catnip seeds (now I must find somewhere I can grow them where they won’t be….uh…pruned as soon as they sprout. Rosie, I’m looking at you)), a bar of yummy handmade soap, a skein of gorgeous Noro and the cutest little coin purse full of tea bags!

And speaking of DPNs, I finished my socks.

I actually ended up ripping out the toe of the first sock to make it just a teeny bit longer, and it’s obvious that I need to do some serious practice in my grafting skills for the toe seams, but for my very first pair I quite proud of myself. I’ve been wearing them all evening and they are quite comfy.

It is entirely possible that this afternoon I was poking around on Elann.com looking at sock yarn. Not, mind you, that I should be even considering buying more yarn. So I’m not going to admit to anything. Besides, even though I might have put some into my shopping cart, I didn’t actually place an order. Yet. But don’t think I wasn’t really, really, really tempted.

Notes for myself on the socks: I used Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Moody Blues (it’s superwash wool) and size 4 needles. This is the first project where I actually met row guage, which was about 10 rows per inch, so the body of the sock was 60 rows (10 of those were ribbed), a 28 row reinforced heel flap, and 40 rows between heel and when I started to decrease for the toes.

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3 Responses to Speaking of socks

  1. April says:

    What a kewl blog! I like the socks AND all your adorable cats!

  2. chris says:

    Oooooh, those socks!! I have some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in my stash that I’m now going to have to wind up and start knitting. Tonight. YUM!

  3. aliceknits says:

    I have to tell you I am sorry with the post on my blog – it really was ment to be a joke for a friend. I am the queen of knitting however you want and if you want rules, you make them up yourself to suit you. Me I don’t really want rules – I just do what feels good and knit what I want when I want to. So I really am sorry that you read my post as iron clad and harsh. Please look again and realize it is mainly a joke between two good friends.

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