You know, I’d bet I’d have both my Tasha bag *and* this afghan done by now if I had never learned how to make socks.

I also would not likely have just placed an order through today for a rainbow of different colorways of sock yarn, if I had not learned how to make socks. I will point out, however, that all the new sock yarn winging its way to me will fit in my new bins, so technically I’m not going over my newly established stash limit. Heh.

I am telling myself that I need to hurry up and finish Tasha, if only so that it can then become my ‘sock project’ bag. It’s becoming obvious that I need something in which to carry whatever sock I am currently working on, since it doesn’t quite fit in my purse, and people tend to look at you funny when you walk around with a ball of yarn and four sharp pointy objects in one hand because you have no where else to put them.

Friday night is craft night. I think I’ll try to get all the ends woven in tonight on Tasha, so I can toss all the pieces into the wash, and then my craft on Friday can be seaming them all together. Hmm.

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