A plethora of socks

Finished object update, this time with pictures!

I’ve been a wee bit sock obsessed these days. I finished off pair #4 this evening.

These are made from Colori Sock It To Me sock yarn from Elann.com – the mixed berries colorway. I used a spiral rib pattern for the leg, top-down pattern with the usual heel flap and short-row heel, and this time did kitchener stitch for the toes because the gathered toe fell apart in the wash. I think I like the look of the kitchener stitch bind-off for the toe best of all three I’ve tried so far. On the plus side I figure if I keep making socks I’ll eventually be able to do the kitchener stitch without having the instructions right in front of me. Heh.

Spiral Rib Pattern:

Cast on stitches in a multpile of four and do k1p1 ribbing for however long you want (for this pair I did two inches). Then k4 p4 around the entire circuit once; on the next time around k2tog k3 p4 then k4p4 around and around and around until it’s as long as you want. The decreased stitch allows the rib to spiral without you having to do any counting whatsoever. Then once the heel’s done and you’re picking up the stitches to start the foot, increase one stitch somewhere on the top flap of the sock, and you’re right back to the number of stitches you started with.

Next up we’ve got a two more pairs of sock.

The striped ones are Regia Multi Effect #5381. The much larger socks you see (cleverly modeled by Richard’s much larger feet) are made from Treking XXL in olive – a colorway that didn’t look all that exciting in the ball, but turned out to have a gorgeous wealth of colors that came in out in loads of very subtle stripes. I am tempted to get some for myself, if it weren’t for the fact that I still have enough yarn for 7 more pairs sitting in my stash that I really ought to work through before I think about buying more. Ha ha.

And finally, a finished object that isn’t socks – Branching Out.

It’s blocking right now, if that wasn’t obvious. I love how the design popped as soon as I soaked it and stretched it out. I used two skeins of Berocco Softwist in a dark maroon. It looks much darker in this picture because it’s wet.

Originally I was only making this for lace practice, since this is my first lace project. I’m not really a scarf person, so I was actually thinking about frogging it. But then I remembered I’m supposed to bring a door prize for the women’s tea next weekend, and my knitting friend said she could whip up a cute little knitted bag for it, and voila, it had to be finished.

There is a little part of me that wants to keep this one, since I do so love the color, and the yarn is so very smooth and soft. I’ve got other yarn I could use to whip up a door prize…but do I have time to get something else done by then. Oh, decisions, decision.

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