Branched Out

Blocking is complete, so my Branching Out scarf is finally finished.

The true color is closer to the maroon in the first picture, but this shot shows the pattern better.

I mentioned this in an earlier entry, but I’ll repeat the pertinant info here, so it’s all in one place. I used 2 skeins of Berocco Softwist in maroon, and size 9 needles.

Next onto the needles – Soleil, using some lovely varigated turquoise superwash wool instead of cotton. I’ve used this wool before so I know it will barely shrink and it won’t felt, and it will still feel silky smooth against bare skin even during the heat of summer. Amusingly, the superwash was apparently super dyed. Both nights I’ve worked on this my fingers end up stained with dark blue dye, and there is a rather intriguing diagonal stripe across one finger on my left hand, where I hold the yarn.

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