Early knit-along start

Until I hear from the yarn shop on the Seabreeze yarn I’m sort of stuck on the watery blue-green sweater. However, I get antsy without a project to work on, so Friday night I had my friend take the necessary measurements for me, which I plugged into the T3 pattern. Then I grabbed a beautiful purple-blue superwash wool (which I got from the same place as the watery blue-green) and started knitting.

I’d share pictures of progress except that the color comes out oddly blue in them. So you’ll just have to imagine how pretty it’s looking. The purple color changes from dark to light throughout, so even though it’s just a plain old stockinette stitch, it seems like it’s got some depth.

I’ve just hit the first of the armhole decreases and so far it’s been as easy a pattern as it claims. We’ll see how it goes once I tackle those sleeves.

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