Hello again

It’s been kind of a roller coaster sort of summer. The up parts included placing at the State Fair, rediscovering my love of making socks, finally learning how to do ssk correctly (after four years of knitting, because it’s magic what happens when you actually *read the directions* – sigh). The down parts included having to have two of our beloved cats put to sleep. Sebastian was diagnosed with kidney failure and left us just shy of his 19th birthday, and then three weeks later, Tangerine developed endocarditis (infection of the heart valve) and no matter what the doctors tried we couldn’t save her.

Getting a pair of adorable little kittens has helped fill the void just a bit (but admittedly it does tend to put a damper on knitting), but old friends can never truly be replaced, so we’re slowly getting used to the new ‘normal’ around here. And in the meantime, I have a new purse, large enough to tote around a sock-in-progress, and I’ve got another lace piece slowly progressing on my needles, and life, as always goes on.

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