Forgive me my giddy

Every year we go to the California State Fair, and make sure to wander around the Creative Arts exhibits. And every year I think that one of these years I ought to enter something, just for kicks, but when I finally think about it, I have usually missed the entry deadline.

Remember this? This is the year I finally got around to bookmarking the info and marking the deadline on my calendar so I would be sure to finish the piece in time. I dropped it off a few weeks ago, entered into the Fiber Arts, Lace division. I really didn’t expect much, since California’s a pretty big state and I’m sure that they get a lot of entries, and there are tons of amazing lace knitters and crocheters out there.

I came home yesterday afternoon from work to find a letter from the State Fair, with some exciting news. My lace stole took 2nd place! Wow! I figured I’d be happy if it was simply selected to be displayed (they do not display every entry; only those that place, or receive an honorable mention), so I admit I did a teeny little happy dance when I read the letter.

Judge’s comments: “Your shawl is beautiful and will be a joy to wear. You were in an exceptionally competitive class of lacy creations. Congratulations on a lovely technique.”

It’ll be on display in the Creative Arts buildings August 21 – September 7, at the Cal Expo Fairgrounds in Sacramento.

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