May 20, 2004

Road trip!

As if jetting off to Seattle this past weekend wasn't enough, yesterday my husband and I packed the car with far more than we'll probably need for the next week, and set off for Ashland, Oregon. We've got tickets for four plays while we're here, but the rest of the time is free to just roam around, see the sights, read, sleep, and of course for me, knit.

And what to my great excitement should I find less than two blocks from my hotel? Why a yarn store, of course! I have already gone in to drool over all the yarns - they've got a huge selection. I'm determined to finish up T-3 while I'm here, but I did bring along all that lovely dark grey wool with the thought of starting work on a shawl. And I just might have to get some larger needles than the 10's I brought with me. And while I'm getting needles, there are some pattern books there that I just might have to flip through and, and, and...

Posted by Jenipurr at May 20, 2004 04:07 PM