October 09, 2004


Last craft night my knitting-enabling friend showed me an email she'd been sent about an estate sale coming up. The important thing about this estate sale, however, was that it was the estate of a former weaver, and there was going to be, among other things, a whole lot of yarn for sale.

I had a tea in San Francisco to get to today and the timing was going to be tight, but there is no way I could pass up on an estate sale full of yarn! So I talked my carpool buddy into stopping by on the way down to San Francisco, and after a moment of being a little lost, we finally found it.

It wasn't just a sale with some yarn. It was a sale of yarn, yarn, and pretty much only yarn! Cones of yarn in every color were spread neatly over table after table! I admit I even did a little squeal of excitement as we drove up.

Despite the sheer volume of yarn, I did manage to restrain myself (if only because most of it was too thin for regular knitting). First I dove into the free box, and managed to score a sizeable pile of a blue-grey colorway in about half a dozen balls. Then just as I thought that might be the only thing worth getting for a knitter, I spied a few shelves in the back of the garage and there I found the rest of my purchases.

Here we see it cleverly displayed on my kitchen floor, using Sebastian (on the left) and Azzie (on the right) as models to show just how big those cones really are.

I have no idea what *type* of yarn these are - they weren't labeled - and some of them are pretty dusty. But all this lovely blue was free, and the rest only cost me $11!

Posted by Jenipurr at October 9, 2004 07:55 PM

Could you share with me where you found the omaghi filati yarn? The shop where I got mine in Texas went out of business and I haven't been able to track this beautiful yarn down.If you know of a mailorder shop where I can order some I will be very appreciative.Thank you so much for the info - reach me at - jewelheart@aol.com

Posted by: Mary at January 1, 2005 09:43 PM