December 04, 2004

Coming Up

Yesterday I stumbled across a note in someone else's knitting site that Michael's had Homespun yarn on sale through today. So this morning I informed my husband that I really needed to go to Michael's because I have three blankets to make by April and Homespun is perfect for that sort of thing. After all, I can always buy more yarn as long as I have a project in mind for it - or at least that's the deal I've made with myself.

After two trips to the store and lots of dithering I picked out the following:

This is for two baby blankets. The green is for the friend who isn't going to find out what she's having. But her nursery is being done in soft colors (like Beatrix Potter, she told me), so I figured a pretty eyelet diagonal blanket out of this would work nicely. And the other yarn is a delicious swirl of peaches and raspberries and cream that is so soft I just want to keep hugging it to my face. This will be a blanket for a little girl. Not sure yet which pattern I'll use - probably fall back on the classic feather and fan - but at least I've got the yarn now so I'm all set.

And while I was shopping, birthdays are also coming up, so I grabbed a huge armful of homespun to make someone a gorgeous striped afghan in these warm shades of pale golds and greens and purples.

I had to enlist the help of a very nice stranger to get some colors that worked well together. If it turns out like I"m hoping it should just call out to be wrapped around someone for snuggling. And this yarn makes oh-so-comfy blankets.

I also had a little free stash enhancement over Thanksgiving. My little sister brought me four skeins of Lion's Wool-ease in a beautiful flecked maroon.

My very patient husband (for whom I have only ever knit one thing - a scarf) is going to get a nice vest from this because it's the perfect color for such a thing. Unfortunately he will probably have to wait a little bit because I've got a pile of gift projects looming that have to take first priority.

Posted by Jenipurr at December 4, 2004 06:45 AM

LOL. I ended up going to Michaels 3 times last week to take advantage of the Homespun sale.

Posted by: JK at December 7, 2004 10:12 AM