May 16, 2005

Goodies by mail

First things first - I finally have created a gallery of my finished objects (the link is on the side bar on my main page, under the Archives header). Yes, I know, it's about time.

And now for the goodies by mail. A final package arrived from my secret pal, who turned out to be Elizabeth from kittycafe.

She sent me a bar of delicious chocolate, a cute little felted bag full of stitch markers which are going to come in very handy (you'll see why in a moment), a little green Chibli (because when you live in a house with six small-object-stealing cats you need all the extras you can get!), and a gorgeous card that she made herself. I had fun immediately going to check out her journal and all her knitting projects (and, of course, her gorgeous kitties). So thanks, Elizabeth, for making my first Secret Pal adventure such fun!

Also in the mail (and the reason I am so happy to get those stitch markers) was a package from Knit Picks.

This came about because my husband was desperately wanting to replace his malfunctioning mp3 player, so I noted that if he got to spend lots of money on electronics, *I* would get to spend lots of money on yarn (although I don't think I got nearly an entire mp3 player's worth of yarn, so maybe there might have to be another order to Knit Picks and perhaps one to in the near future. Heh heh heh). It's all in teasing, of course, since he doesn't care if I buy yarn, and I'm not exactly immune to the lure of shiny new computer gadgets myself, but still, one must take any excuse one can to 'have' to buy yarn!.

Anyway, my new yarn includes sock yarn (of course), some lovely fuschia wool (destined to become Fuzzy Feet for me, because my old slippers began a slow death months ago), some blue and white Shimmer (for a scarf or something - I just couldn't resist) and four skeins each of two colors of alpaca cloud. Now that I've done Branching Out and the lacy cardigan for my mom, I've been bitten by the lace knitting bug, and I've determined that my next big project *must* be a shawl. I realize that I may very well regret this once I get started, but any huge lace endeavor certainly calls for stitch markers, of which I had none until my secret pal sent that package. Obviously this is meant to be!

Posted by Jenipurr at May 16, 2005 05:24 PM

Sheesh, the package finally arrived! I'm so glad you can use the stitch markers. I'm hoping to sell a series of cards on my blog shortly. Good job on the Soleil, by the way..I was waiting to make a comment in the free and clear.

Posted by: Elizabeth at May 24, 2005 09:40 AM

Lovely yarn! I say go for a shawl. Lace is fun!

Posted by: c at May 27, 2005 11:39 AM