August 06, 2005

A little cat action

First, a belated picture of the first of my pair of basketcase socks. The color's a little brighter in the picture and I'm not sure you can really see the pattern, but ta da, at least I finally have a picture.

I finished off the afghan for my brother-in-law (using the exact same 12 row stitch pattern as for the socks). No pictures of that yet, but I did want to share an action shot, just so you all can see what I have to go through to knit around here (grin).

Rosemary is perched on the arm of the loveseat (an unusual spot for her, since she's normally rather insistant on being *under* whatever I am working on instead of over it). Allegra is the little grey face smooshed down between me and the arm. Azzie is on my lap, blending in quite nicely with the dark yarn, and Sebastian is the white one who, if pictures came with sound, you would hear purring extremely loudly. He is also the one who I am convinced can shed his weight in fur on a daily basis (and he's a short-hair, too), so anything made of yarn is sure to have its fair share of his fur worked into the stitches.

There are two other cats in the house, but luckily (?) they are wee bit more aloof, so I usually only have to contend with up to four cats getting in my way.

Posted by Jenipurr at August 6, 2005 05:16 PM

Yikes! Your cats are beautimous and all, but I can't fathom having FOUR around me while knitting.
Azzie certainly is adept at kitty camouflage!

Posted by: monkeemaven at August 6, 2005 07:13 PM

Oh how pretty they all are. I have an all white female, Rosebud, who could be a twin to your Sebastian. She also sheds like crazy. Luckily she stays in the craft room away from the other three. My smallest one, Katy, is a bully and beats up on her.
Katy also is the one who HAS to be next to me when I am sitting on the sofa knitting. My other two are no problem.

Posted by: Debbie at August 7, 2005 10:52 AM

Ok, I read you in lurk-mode most of the time, but that picture just TOTALLY cracked me up & prompted me to show my "face" finally. I'm currently working on a bag with a mohair-blend yarn, and my big cat (Phoebe, 20lbs) finds it absolutely irresistable, chewing on it every time I try to work. At the same time, my little cat (Phaedra, 10lbs) curls up on my lap and goes to sleep every time I pick up the needles. I can't even imagine DOUBLING the trouble! ;) Beautiful kitties!

Posted by: Casey at August 8, 2005 06:11 PM