September 19, 2005

In the bag

That messenger bag I am making for Richard may be miles of boring stockinette in boring black yarn, but at least the size 13 needles meant it knit up insanely fast. I finished off the main bag on Saturday, whipped up two of the four pockets (I'm adding an additional pair of pockets to the inside) Sunday afternoon at the knitting group, and finished off all the other pieces last night. I put the bag in one pillow case and the pockets and strap in another (because for some bizarre reason the instructions say to felt them all separately - instructions I really wish I had ignored because sewing those felted parts together is easier said than done - this fabric is *thick*!), and then this morning I shaped it over a handy shipping box and left it in a cat-free zone to dry.

This evening I sat down with extra yarn and a strong needle and tacked all the pieces in place, so Richard's new messenger bag is (mostly) complete. The only addition is that I think it'd be better if I added some buttons or snaps to the flap, just to make it a little more secure. But even just as it is, it's a pretty no-nonsense, sturdy sort of bag.

Posted by Jenipurr at September 19, 2005 09:15 PM