November 02, 2005

A little duplication

Remember this? I decided to make a few more. So far I've knit and seamed two bodies, and I've got the third one just started. It seemed like a good, brainless project for my latest business trip, since once I did the first one I had the pattern memorized, plus they knit up so incredibly fast that I will hopefully be able to whip through a handful of them before I get too bored.

I also brought a sock with me, since I knew I would have a little downtime here and there during this trip. It's been a source of great fascination for quite a few of the people at these meetings, since we're all staying at the same hotel. Nice to know I can continue to spread the joy of sock knitting wherever I go.

**Update - Here's a new link for the snowman pattern - opens a pdf.

Posted by Jenipurr at November 2, 2005 08:05 PM

Hooray for sock knitting! :)

Posted by: Emy at November 3, 2005 08:04 AM

Love that snowman! Could you repost the link for the pattern? It doesn't seem to be working...

Posted by: knitnana at November 17, 2005 05:53 AM