September 21, 2006

Sleep is for the weak

In the past few days I finished a pair of socks, using the yarn my One Skein Secret Pal sent me (picture coming eventually), started a Multidirectional Scarf for the Red Scarf Project (and was reminded that red yarn will stain the floor when it's puked back up by a cat - sigh), started Pink Ribbon Sock #13 (the *last* pair!), started to seriously consider trying out Kool-Aid dying to turn my remaining never-ending pink sock yarn into something that is not remotely pink (I am so very tired of pink), but would be perfect for these, realized that the deadline for submitting patterns for the Winter issue of Knitty is in less than two weeks and if I want to do this pattern that's been swimming around in my head for the better part of a year I need to get working on it ASAP, finally tracked down the newest yarn store in my area, a lovely place called Twisted Stitch in West Sacramento (they have no website, as far as I can tell, although if someone knows differently, let me know so I can link them! Updated with website!), who just happened to carry the exact yarn in the right colors for my project, spent an entire evening measuring and calculating and graphing out my idea to see if it is even remotely feasible, and even managed to cast on for it, since not only is the pattern due by October 1st, pictures of the finished object in clever poses are also due, and if I am to pose it in clever ways, I must finish the object to do it.

Of course, this weekend is the annual Scottish Games in our little town of sheep, which we'll be attending with the in-laws, as well as Joyful Noise Sunday at church (aka an extremely busy morning and afternoon for all of us musicians), and tomorrow the pattern and name of my victim for Sock Wars will arrive in my inbox (socks for which I still have not picked out yarn, I would like to add. I suspect I am not going to do well in the Sock Wars this year), all of which means that time to work on patterns and finished objects to be submitted will be in extremely short supply this weekend, and also due by October 1st is a writing project I agreed to do months ago, about which I still have no idea how to even start, and between now and the end of the month I still have to go to work and scoop litterboxes and fend off yarn-eating cats and wave in passing to Richard (who is also rather busy these days with the inaugural release of *his* latest pet project), and you know, you think eventually I would learn that putting off knitting til the last minute really isn't very wise.

Someone remind me of this again in December, when I am frantically trying to finish off a lace shawl for my little sister (which she picked out herself), and the truly awesome secret project that I will be making for Richard this year (hee hee), and also the design and construction of an anatomically correct heart complete with six bypasses (why, oh why, has no one else done this yet, so I could just follow a pattern instead of muddling through on my own?) I really want to make for my dad, all before Christmas, okay?

Posted by Jenipurr at September 21, 2006 09:56 AM

The web site for twisted stitch is

Posted by: Jardee at September 21, 2006 07:15 PM

That's basically how I do things, which is why I'm making my complicated mittens next - by Oct 1st. I hope.

I'll remind you, but it won't help. ;)

Sleep is for the scheduled. Lucky things.

Posted by: Carrie K at September 22, 2006 01:15 PM