July 04, 2007

Flooring (sans yarn)

I had a business trip last week, for which I took the train. So I got quite a bit of knitting time on the way there, in the evenings in the hotel, and on the way back; so much that I was able to finish the first of a pair of socks (for Richard) and get a good start on the second.

However, any additional knitting has kind of ground to a screeching halt lately. Official move day is Thursday, which means that any time to knit is time better spent packing. Add to that the fact that we decided to rip up the carpet in the new house for the entire downstairs floor (that would be half of a 2100 square foot house) and install wood laminate planking. By ourselves. People, I am sore in places I did not realize I could be sore, and Richard and I are at the point now where we come home (from the new house to the old house) at night and collapse wearily in the nearest chair, clutching bottles of ibuprofin and trying to ignore all the packing that has yet to be completed. Did I mention the movers are coming on Thursday?

The master bedroom (main area) is done, at least, which was the biggest concern prior to moving in. The bathroom, hallway, and closets, however, are still bare cement slab, and the guest room is only about one third of the way completed. My knitting mom came over Sunday to get us started (and let us use her laminate flooring accessories and her table saw) and my dad's been an invaluable assistant for the past two days, working the saw to do all the complicated little cuts needed to fit around corners and door jambs, and so on. It's not a difficult task, installing this flooring; it just takes a very long time.

So the first clue for the Mystery Stole 3 is sitting in my inbox right now, completely unopened, and I suspect that clue #2 will also be similarly ignored when it arrives on Friday. I foresee some rather frantic lace knitting for the weeks ahead as I try to catch up. In the meantime, however, there's at least one more full day of flooring to do, and an entire household of belongings to move to the new place and I am not even going to think about the unpacking that will then have to ensue. So..just a few more days before things start getting back to (some semblance of) normal.

Posted by Jenipurr at July 4, 2007 07:04 AM
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