April 28, 2007

Commence with the crossing of fingers

I'm about halfway through assembling the yellow squares into my mom's afghan. I'm debating whether it will need a small border knit (or crocheted) on, but I'll see how it looks once all the squares are put together and make a decision at that point.

In other news, the work on our current house is nearly done, which is a good thing because it goes on the market on Tuesday. And here's hoping we sell it in a timely fashion, because we fell head over heels in love with a house in Sacramento and have submitted an offer. It's a gorgeous old Craftsman style bungalow, built in 1920, with lots of built-ins and lots of light, and even though it's got about the same amount of square footage, it has one more bedroom than our current house. You all know what that means, right? Can we say 'yarn room'? (Well. I might not take over the whole room - my stash isn't *that* huge - but I am thinking I can at least commandeer the extra closet!).

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April 12, 2007


Not only is this an entry, it's an entry with actual knitting content! Granted it's five more yellow squares, but hey, at least it's knitting.

First up are two squares based on dishcloth patterns (I'll dig up the URL's later). The first is a sun, because my mom wanted a sunflower, and this is the closest I could find.

And next is the state of Kansas, because my mom was born in Kansas, and this afghan is for her 'Kansas' themed porch (think lots of yellow).

The next three are all from the Barbara Walker Treasuries. First, a lace heart.

Next, a lace butterfly.

And finally, just because this particular chart amuses me so, a turtle.

The really fun thing about the turtle is that it really seems to lift right off the cloth. I've taken a picture of the side view so you can see what I mean.

The next steps will be weaving in all the loose ends, and then spreading all twenty squares out on the floor and trying to arrange them in the best cofiguration possible. I still am not entirely sure how I intend to join all these squares together, but I figure I've got at least a few days of dithering over which square should go where before I have to worry about that.

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