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01/01/02: In with the new

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Unlike a lot of people, I do not view 2001 as a bad year. It was, all things considered, a very good year for me. Our house was completed in April and we finally got to move in. Richard got to take his dream trip to the British Isles in May. In July, we had our beautiful (and eventful) wedding, and in October I finally escaped consulting (and the Big Fish) for good and found a new job. It was a substantial pay cut for me to leave, but it was worth it.

We've had a few downs in this year. Richard lost his job, true, but that's given him time to finish up his online class, and do a lot of other things he's wanted to do. And it meant he was home to take care of Tangerine when she was so ill. But overall, it has been a very good year. Yes, there was September 11th, but neither of us knew anyone involved, and aside from a heightened awareness of planes in the sky these days, I don't think it's had much of any impact on our lives. Our families are happy and healthy, and so are we, and that means more to me anyway.

Last year at this time I made one resolution, and I'm relieved to say that I *did* stick to it, mostly. I'm nowhere near my goal, but the main things is that we changed our eating habits and are both on the road to a healthier lifestyle that we accept (albeit grudgingly) we'll need to follow for the rest of our lives.

So this year I'm going to forgo making any new resolutions. I'm sticking to the one from last year; losing weight. Comparisons of our engagement picture taken in March to pictures taken in November show a significant change already, but there's more work to do and I'm confident we'll make it.

Actually, I'm not being exactly truthful. I *am* making a new resolution, but I'm going to take a page from SecraTerri's book and make a private resolution. It's not a huge earth-shattering one, and it won't impact anyone but me if I do or don't manage to keep it. But it's mine and I'm going to keep it personal, as she has suggested, and next year, I'll let you all know how I did.

2002 promises to be as good to us as 2001. No weddings or new houses, true, but I think I'd rather it be a bit less hectic. Instead, we've got a few possible trips to take. Looks like most of my cousins will be going to the family reunion this year and I'd really like to introduce Richard to Lakeside. And we still have a honeymoon to take - perhaps this May.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens. But first, I have an end table to sand and finish, ants to kill, and an office to clean. Off to a good start already!

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