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01/04/02: Perfectly normal

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I'd intended to take Richard out for dinner to our favorite restaurant Sunday night (his 'pseudo-birthday), but unfortunately it was closed. So we did that last night - a bit late but ah well.

It was a lovely, romantic dinner. We held hands across the table and smiled at each other. And then we started discussing our next escapade in the 'how odd are we' category of our marriage.

See, we've both noticed that preponderance of useless little personality quizzes that have lately seemed to take the web - and most especially, the journaling/blogging community - by storm. They range from determine what type of squirrel you would be or which pokemon character you resemble, to determining what eating utensil you would be.

Not to be outdone, we sat at dinner and plotted out our addition to this blinding world of quizzes. It took us a while, but we hashed out questions and worked out some sort of logic (and trust me when I say there really is logic involved here).

So go ahead. Take the quiz. Your life will never be the same. Or something.

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