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Meow at me

Yesterday I got the cleaning bug. Well. I'm not sure it was so much cleaning as it was sorting. But I had a lot of sorting to do. The sad part is that I *still* have a lot of sorting to do. At least some of it is done now. And some of the bills are paid. And I suddenly remembered that now that the Big Fish has swallowed my previous company, we only get paid once a month instead of twice and I had really better remember that sooner next month so I don't start counting on getting a paycheck on the 15th again, shouldn't I. Eek.

Which reminds me that I haven't submitted a timesheet for the past 4 weeks now and I'm actually rather surprised that noone has sent me one of those lovely little reminder emails. Gee. I guess I know what I'll be doing today when I swing by my office (my real office, that is. The one in which I have a desk, but I'm never there because I'm always at a customer's site, but that actually has a nameplate. And I mean an office. Not a cubicle. Four walls that go all the way to the ceiling, windows, and two doors - one leading to the outside. Yes, you cube moles, I said *windows* and *doors*. You may be jealous.) But where was I?

Oh yes. Sorting. Or cleaning. Or some hybrid between the two. It's part of this process I'm going through - this lengthy multiple-step process I've set up for myself - I must have these things all done so that when I move from this house I won't have to scramble madly. Surprising even myself, I'm actually well down that path. I've cleared out my garage. No, really. There's tons of space in there! Not like before, when I had carved out a little chunk of room to park my car, and then promptly went and bought a bigger car, so that either I could open my door or any passenger I had could open his/her door, but not both of us. Hmm. My car, my garage. Guess who always won on *that* decision. Heh.

And I've been going through other stuff too. Although I must admit I've been good. Haven't rearranged the living room furniture now in over a year. This may have something to do with the fact that I now have a piece of furniture that is a bit too heavy (and that's an understatement) to move by myself. 2am or no, there's no way I can drag the china cabinet around. Everything else - piece of cake. You do know that 2am is the best time for moving furniture, by the way. That's when inspiration always hits. I remember doing this on a regular basis when I lived in apartments back in my college days - I'm sure the downstairs neighbors always loved it. In hindsight, I wonder just what they thought my roommates and I were doing that early in the morning, with the sounds of heavy things being dragged across the floor?

But I digress. Again. Which may have more to do with the fact that I am at work at 6am and my caffeine has not kicked in yet. So I was cleaning. Lots of cleaning. And it was actually kind of fun, going through everything, sorting out stuff, filling up the paper recycling bin, rearranging the files on my dining room table (What? Use the table to *eat* off of? You must be joking! Where else can I stack things? Besides, my grumpy tortie cat needs somewhere to lounge.)

So I think I have it out of my system now, at least for a little bit longer. The cleaning/sorting thing, I mean. My computer room is the last hold-out. It's lurking back there, behind a door, taunting me with piles of paperwork, miscellaneous things I need to go through, empty boxes from computer hardware and software (what is this universal need to save these silly boxes? Why is it that people invariably hang onto these?), all sorts of SPCA things from when I was on the board of directors and since I'm no longer on the board, I'd gladly hand them over to someone else but noone wants them and so they are still sitting in my house. In my computer room.

But I'll get to it one of these days. Really I will.