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Meow at me

Random happy things, in no particular order.

My ceiling isn't leaking anymore, so the patch my landlord put onto the roof is working.

I got a little clip for my badge at work so I now have a new toy to play with (snap, snap, snap!)

This new position I volunteered at for at work is turning out better than I expected and I am realizing that I really can handle administrative stuff even though I wasn't sure.

I have a solution to a difficult problem and it is such a relief to know what to do about it. (Thank you, M)

I actually filled out the application for personalized license plates that say 'JENIPRR'. Of course, they have to be reviewed, if the website is to be believed (I have yet to figure out exactly what is so controversial about JENIPRR), but I'm being optimistic here.

I can finally telnet through the firewall from my worksite, and my mush withdrawals can cease. Yes, I'm pitiful.

I have finally let go of my impatience to buy a house and have, instead, worked out a plan for the next few years for what to do with my existing place, as well as how to prepare for when I *do* get my own home.