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Meow at me

I have a new toy.

It's a digital camera. I ordered it two weeks ago and waited impatiently, hoping it would come before I left for this last business trip. Of course, this meant that it didn't show up til Monday, since I flew away on Sunday and didn't return until really late tonight. Might I emphasize the really late part? But anyway. I'm home now, and it is here. All nice and pretty and fancy with little cords and things to plug it into my computer, and rechargeable batteries, and spiffy graphics on the camera itself to set it up.

This is, of course, assuming that I can figure it out. Now bear in mind that it is currently after midnight and the last entry should have given you a really good idea of why it is that my brain went away on vacation a few days ago and hasn't come back yet so it's not that I'm really this clueless, it's just that....well, okay, so maybe I am this clueless..um..never mind.

It has directions. Of course it does. And normally I would have been a good little consumer and sat down with the book and muddled through all the umpteen steps required to make it all work nicely, but the little book has small print and I'm soooo tired and well, how hard can this be? After all, I figured out how to put in the batteries. That was a no-brainer (good thing too). Then there was this little memory card that had to go into a slot. Hey. No problem here. It only fits one way. In it goes! Um. Gee. Maybe at some point here I should actually read the directions to figure out what to do and not to do. And maybe, just maybe, this little card really has more than one way to fit.

Um. How do I get the little card *out* again?

Another reminder to the sleepy/tired/no functioning brain thing. I decided that perhaps tweezers would do it. It's skinny. Tweezers are skinny. Hey. It seems quite rational. However, this little card is in there for good. It's not budging. No. I take that back. It jiggles just enough to suggest that it *might* budge, just maybe, if I beg it nicely. Ha.

Of course once I found the little eject button and the card flew out of the camera and skidded across the bathroom floor (tweezers, remember? Where the heck do you keep *yours*?), then I felt really stupid. But at least now I know that this camera has a secret weapon. Oh yes. I have no fear now of being accosted, because all I have to do is open the tiny flap over the little card, wave the camera in the face of Evil Mugger Person, and exclaim "Stand back, or you'll be hit by my projectile memory card!"

Hey. It could work.