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Meow at me

On the flight to Singapore, I used my numerous frequent flier miles to upgrade to business class. There is something vaguely snobbish about flying in business or first. You get to board before the rest of the plane. You are seated in comfortable chairs being plied with drinks by friendly flight attendants while the rest of the unwashed masses file sullenly past to their tiny, cramped little seats in the back of the plane. There is a foot rest. The chair reclines back more than two inches - back enough so you might actually get comfortable. In business class on the international flights you have your own personal little TV screen to watch the movies so that you don't strain your neck trying to see the fuzzy little screen hanging from the ceiling. They bring you food on a real plate and you don't have to glue your elbows to your side while eating. They give you noise-reduction headphones. And in general, even when on an international flight that is 14 hours long, it is comfortable.

On the flight home on Saturday, I was not so lucky. The plane was full and (sob) I had to *be* one of those unwashed masses in coach. While I did not have an obnoxious child kicking the seat behind me, there was a screaming baby two rows ahead who was possessed with lung strong enough to clear the wax from one's ears. Even for someone short, like me, there is no possible way you can ever get comfortable in those seats, and forget about getting any sleep.

I think that the people who design airline seats for coach should be forced to fly in them weekly, across the country (I'm so nice - I'm not even requesting international flights. Heck, 4 hours across the US should do it, right?). Stick them in the middle seat between two burly linebackers who refuse to give up an armrest, have the person in front of them recline the seat into their lap, and then sit an obnoxious, seat-kicking child behind them. Then lets see how long it takes before those people start figuring out a way to make flying more comfortable.

But anyway, I'm home now. The cats are all thrilled to see me. I had dinner with a small group of friends and we all laughed until we were practically crying. Yes, I had sea-dwelling creature for dinner, but I knew what spices were used, there weren't any tentacles or other odd accessories, and all eyes, fins, and anything else that would have given any clue as to its appearance when still alive had been removed. Outside the sun is shining and the air is blessedly dry.

It's good to be home.