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Meow at me

I went grocery shopping last night.

You may not consider this a big deal. You may look at that statement and wonder just why it is that I felt I needed to devote a significant portion of a journal entry to such a mundane topic. I can understand this feeling. Really. It's just that I haven't had a chance to go grocery shopping since I returned from Singapore...and that was two weeks ago. When I opened my refrigerator, I could have hollered "Hello!" and it would have echoed bleakly. Over the course of this project my cupboards had been reduced to a few random boxes of pasta mix and the occasional can of tuna. In the refrigerator, all that was left was assorted condiments. Try scrounging something to eat from that.

Last night, I finally had time. I left the office while the sun was still shining. I went home and poured through a few cookbooks and wrote up a list. And then I went to the store and wandered up and down nearly every aisle.

There is food in my refrigerator now. An entire drawer stuffed with the makings of a fabulous vegetable soup. All the things necessary to get my bread machine running happily again. There are cans and boxes and bottles in the cupboards, and yes, even the freezer is looking full. I'm so happy!

Word is filtering down that there's going to be yet more reorganization at this project. I'm the interim development manager (interim meaning that they were willing to give it to a consultant only until they could get an actual in-house employee to take over), but that may change fairly soon and I'll go back to what I was before (and the amusing part, I suppose, is that the work I've been doing this week as development manager is exactly the same as what it was in my previous 'position' here). I've got mixed feelings on this. On the one hand, there would be a sense of relief if I am not in this position - managing friends is not always such a fun thing to do. On the other hand, I spent a bit of time trying to convince myself that I could do this job, and so there is a teeny part of me that at least wants the option of trying. Anyway, we'll see. The reorg could take a few weeks or longer, and in the meantime I'll just plug along doing what I've been doing, regardless of what title they want to give me.