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Meow at me

Sunday I tried to finish my taxes. Yes, I know I put it off til the last minute, but every year I have done them myself and despite the swearing and grumbling and hair-pulling, I manage to get them done. This year was a bit trickier...so much so that I have sworn to never do them myself again. There are these wonderful people who are trained at it and I think I shall let one of *them* do it for me next year. Ugh.

But to cheer myself up after wrestling with tax forms and getting nowhere for hours on end, I decided to get my nails done. I had picked out a nice neutral color, suitable for a professional person, and then I saw this gorgeous deep purple and, well, it was a weak moment. What can I say?

On the plus side my nails have provided a source of amusement to my coworkers, most of whom managed to slip in some comment about the color over the course of the day. On the down side, going from very short, non-existent nails to longer ones has made things interesting. Like typing. If it weren't for me tossing this text through spell-check before dumping it into HTML, this entry would be chock full o' typos. Sheesh.

When I got to work today, there was a Nerf dart gun sitting on my chair. Turns out another coworker got a gun too, and a third got a Nerf football. Wow! Toys! Nerds looooove toys!

We were all good for most of the day. We eyeballed our new toys and very politely left them in their boxes, untouched. But hey, we're only human - and nerds to boot. After lunch, the toys came out. This gun is COOL! It shoots little nerf darts that stick to things (well, if they were shot by someone with any semblance of an ability to aim, they would) with little suction cups. And the football is soft enough that even if you lob it across the room and bean one of the developers in the head (I was *not* the one who did this!), all it does is knock off his earphones. Otherwise, perfectly harmless. And then two of us had to go slunking around the room, lurking behind white boards and under desks, firing off darts at each other and laughing. (okay, I *was* one of those).

I'm pondering all the things I can do with this gun now. If I want to get someone's attention across the room, *thwak*, there goes a dart to their computer screen. If we're having a meeting and someone is being noisy, *thwak*. Suction cup to the forehead. Heck, the ramifications are endless. Hmm.....

Wonder if I can blame it on the purple nail polish?