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Meow at me

Sunday was a wonderful day. I slept in, as much as the cats would let me. Which wasn't much, but still, I wasn't ruled by the alarm, so that has to count for something. The sun was shining and it just warm enough for shorts. I spent the entire day with good friends and we had a blast. IHOP for breakfast, a stroll through the Scottish Games followed by a mid-afternoon beer/coke break, and sushi to finish it off. And through it all we laughed and talked.

It was the kind of day that spills over into others. Even though today I realized that we're short three people for the technical evaluation that we need to do at work because the ones we have don't have the knowledge to do the job, that they are letting users design a system for which they have no experience, and that part of being in this position I'm in is having to be the wall that stops things from changing irrepairably, and being prepared to face the consequences. It should have been a bad day. Add to that my extreme lack of sleep and subsequent over-caffeination to make up for it, and I should have been a zombie today. But it wasn't....and I wasn't.

And the reason that today wasn't as bad as it could have been was because Sunday was also a day of unexpected surprises. Like finding the perfect carved stone dragon for my front hall at the Scottish Games in Woodland. Discovering that laughing your head off while driving can make steering a challenge. Learning that sometimes what is pondered can become reality, that laughter with a good friend is more important than sleep, and that some things can linger long after the laughter has faded away.