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Meow at me

How to spend a rainy Sunday:

  • When one of your best friends asks if you would be willing to help another friend move and you don't know this other friend at all, don't even stop to ponder the fact that you are volunteering to help a perfect stranger lug boxes around. Just say 'sure!'
  • Realize that when you drive up to the new place and see that it has a steep and narrow staircase and you have a very large truck full of stuff that has to go up that staircase, it is then too late to reconsider one's offer to act as movers.
  • Discover that having lots of books is really cool except when you face the reality of having to carry 26 boxes of them up the aforementioned steep and narrow stairs.
  • Learn that if we ever start to wonder where Ivymoon's newest SO ran off to, all we need to do is check the closets because apparently he is very good at locking himself into them.
  • Discover that there are at least three different versions of the song 'The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out'.
  • Find out that apparently when one is trying to lug a box of dolls on a dolly, this can unbalance the load, and the whole thing will tip over. Be unable to do anything to help because you and the other two women are collapsed on the floor of the moving truck laughing while the dolly-pusher makes snide and grinning comments that at least he is actually *moving* something.
  • Sing camp songs at the top of your lungs, badly off-key, while driving through the rain on the freeway. When you run out of camp songs, go through your limited repertoire of Muppet tunes.
  • Learn that some men know the words to far more Monty Python songs than you might expect.
  • Discover first-hand that heavy furniture makes extremely awkward fashion accessories.
  • Realize that it is extremely hard to carry big boxes up steep stairs when you are laughing.
  • Determine that when you wonder where the men are and you go find them sitting near the foot of the stairs with a heavy wooden couch frame in their laps, laughing, that you should just shake your head and leave them alone.
  • Discover that if you were to form a band from the musical talents (or distinct lack thereof) of our little moving crowd, and throw in the widow of a former Beatle, you would have the Yoko Ono Double Oboe, Bongo, Bone and Whistle Band.
  • Say the name of that band over and over until you end up doubled-over laughing and unable to walk.
  • Determine that your first release will be the 'Prig' song, just because it's Ivymoon's favorite.
  • Go out for dinner afterwards because after moving heavy boxes in the rain, you know that you all are just so incredibly hot and sexy looking that everyone will be unable to keep their eyes off of you.
  • Come to the conclusion that even though you weren't looking forward to helping perfect strangers (who are now friends) move into their new home, that it turned out better than expected, and an incredibly fun day.