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Meow at me

I spent Saturday and Sunday down with Richard's family - including his aunt and uncle and cousins this time - for a combination three-birthday-baptism celebration. There was a tiny black furball to watch spaz all over the room as we played Yahtzee and Richard and his sister proved that apparently it is their family's game (in other words, they kicked our sorry behinds). There was a barbeque complete with backyard cat assistant to the chef, and a tour of his aunt's house where I was told I wasn't allowed to take home the gorgeous painting of the white cat that hung in the living room (although I'll bet if Richard had just distracted his aunt, I could have snuck that thing out into my car and no one would have noticed!). And along with the belly-dancing aunt and topless pregnant bridesmaids, now the wedding includes a parade of circus animals as the processional to the church. Although I did note that if tigers were involved, I had no problem with it. Heh.

We moved at work again, and it appears that this move is relatively permanent - or at least we'll be here longer than we were at the last place. This time we're in a converted warehouse in the middle of nowhere, with two resident roosters. We all have new phone numbers and people are scattered all over the floor. And the facilities are actually quite nice inside. Hey, I'm just excited that I finally have drawers and shelves to store things in. Big change from the last site.

Monday was a bit hectic as we dealt with network and air conditioning issues. First, they decided that since most of the cubes in our area have three people, they had to remove the middle shelves. This makes sense, except that they removed *all* of the shelves, and some of the cubes only have two people and already had stuff on the shelves. So now my cubemate and I have little sticky notes on the rest of the drawers and file cabinets reading 'Don't Take!'. Then they were getting complaints because people didn't have network connections. These were coming, specifically, from the cubes with three people, which had only been slated for two network connections. One would think that one could jump to the rather obvious conclusion that if there were three computers sitting on the desk, complete with three desk chairs and three annoyed developers sitting in them, that one might want to consider putting in a third network connection. Obviously, one would be wrong. Well, at least for the first day. It's gotten better since. I think. Of course, since I've been knee-deep in meetings all week so far, I just may not be seeing the issues as much. Although I have noticed that the temperature has stabilized in between common areas and meeting rooms - compared to the stuffiness of the first day, this is a definite improvement as well.

As I was leaving work today I passed the long 'hallway', which had - sometime during the day - been lined with deep, wide file cabinets. Someone with a sense of humor had printed up and carefully labeled every other cabinet with a sheet of paper, which read "Temporary Sleeping Quarters. Provide Your Own Bedding." The sad thing, I suppose, is that - albeit jokingly - we opened one of the drawers to see if we might really fit inside. But it might become more tempting as time progresses - these next few weeks are going to be a bit crazy with meetings and it certainly *would* be nice to have somewhere to curl up and take a nap...or maybe just hide for a while.