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07/27/01: Little things

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I'm really getting tired of these ants. They're everywhere, randomly. There's not enough to trace - just a few scrambling around on the kitchen counter, or wandering aimlessly over to poke at the bits of food the cats are so found of flinging from their bowl, or my personal favorite - the one lone ant that waits for me somewhere on the toilet seat each morning as I stagger half-awake from the bed to greet them.

It's only ants, I tell myself, and really, that's not so bad. There's a rather large and healthy-looking daddy long leg spider who's spun himself a web right behind the door from house to garage, and I'm perfectly happy to let him stay there, since inside the garage does not actually count as 'in the house'. Any spider actually stupid enough to come inside is either really confused, or else suicidal, because there are seven little spider-hunters just waiting to chitter some poor unsuspecting bug down from the safety of the ceiling to be dismembered and then devoured with a great quantity of lip smacking.

But still, I can't help but get a bit tired of the sheer monotony of them. If they'd only come in force I would feel as if I could do something, but no, we're stuck with these little lone scouts. Ah well.


With gift certificates we received for a wedding gift, we purchased some toys for ourselves this past week. Richard's been happily slaying odd ugly creatures in his game that comes complete with really creepy and disturbing music, and I've been fretting over my Sims. I've got a couple that actually really hated each other and they were supposed to be married. I'm discovering that a whole host of flaws can simply be wiped away just by evicting the poor suckers from their house and then moving them in again. They may still hate each other, but the flaming oven goes away, and all those other little problems like depression and poor hygiene are kaput.

It's a deceptive little game, this one. I have spent hours poking and prodding at these little simulated people, trying to get them to be responsible and go to work on a regular basis and stuff like that. There are additions one can buy for this game, I've seen, but I'm a little afraid to add on. I know myself too well, see. This is a woman who still fosters a healthy addiction to Civilization. I don't think I need to get any more involved.

Still, the House Party pack does look pretty cool.

Hmmm. This may have been a very bad idea...

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