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After all this time I couldn't stand it any more. It keeps coming up on radio, snippets of news here and there, luring me in even as I try so desperately to ignore it and not care. But I am weak. I succumbed.

I watched Survivor last night. Richard and I curled up on the couch and turned on the TV and flipped through channels, watching commercials, the end of a bad sitcom, *anything* to avoid the Republican three day "Listen to us spout pompous nonsense at you" bash that all of the major channels seemed to insist upon broadcasting. Until finally it was time, and we switched to the right channel and settled in. We figured we'd watch for a bit, be bored, and then head out and get dinner.

Ha. How to describe this show? It's not great entertainment by any stretch of the imagination. It's not classical, or informative, or comedy. It's just....well...it's just a show about a bunch of people who play nicey-nice with each other and then talk behind each other's backs and plot in little groups how to stab the others when they least expect it.

In short, it's about life, albeit a rather cynical view of it. And despite my best intentions I found myself actually starting to care. I didn't form any opinions over who should win. No, my interest is more centered around who I think shouldn't. I have to wonder - did they pick Rich because he is a cocky, egotistical, full-of-himself bastard, or was that just a lucky perk? I don't intend to watch the show again - I'll wait to hear from news and radio who actually wins - but I have to admit that I'll probably cheer when he's booted from that island. If the rest of them are smart, it'll be soon too. Of course, considering that he's lasted that long, this may be giving them too much credit. Or else the others who were already booted were even worse then he was. Shudder.

And now for something completely different. Last weekend my mom got together for our once-a-month do-something-for-wedding-plans date. We managed to look at a few halls, and then we headed down to the fabric store to get some ideas on colors and such. Okay, like we needed an excuse to go into a fabric store! (dangerous places, those stores. Neither my mom or I can ever enter one without buying something. But anyway...) While we were there, we (naturally) meandered back to the pattern books, and proceeded to spend the next hour or so poring over pictures of dresses. And during the process, we started to get some ideas of what to torture/subject/ridicule...um..I mean 'grace' my bridesmaids with. In fact, by the time we left the store, we'd determined the theme of the whole wedding.

But aside from that, as we were pouring through the Vogue book, we found it. The dress. Oh yes. When we finally stopped laughing and wiped the tears from our eyes, I gave in and bought the pattern. It was worth it just to scan in the picture to send to my bridesmaids, and to Richard's mom. My dad merely blinked and manfully resisted any comments. My older sister suggested that perhaps it shouldn't even have the underskirt. My maid of honor's response was 'dear, dear Jennifer. Please tell me you are not serious?' Richard's mom merely noted that since she had it in orange, she was already all set. And Richard thought it was lovely (heh). Which does beg the question of whether I should be worried about his taste (or lack thereof) in women's evening wear?

So what do you think? Should this lovely....um...thing be for the bridesmaids or the mothers?

Oh, don't worry. As funny as that outfit is, I've got something completely different in mind. I'm just sorry that I missed the look on Richard's best man's face when he told him what the *real* theme was going to be...