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08/07/01: Wedding pictures (and other stuff)

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I had a dream the other night, that I got a computer virus. We went off to buy an anti-virus software program, but the salesman was being cagey. He was one of those over-eager sales clerks - young, tall, thin, and pimply - who kept extolling the virtues of the product, but he wouldn't answer my question - which one will fix my computer? I woke up almost angry, to find myself eyeball to foot with a cat. I pet it, it purred, and I went back to sleep, computer safe for now.


One of the gifts we got for our wedding was a coffee maker - something entirely appropriate (and desired) for two caffeine-addicted computer nerds. This marvelous gift came from my little sister - a woman who is, herself, also extremely devoted to the Immortal Bean.

This is not just any old boring ordinary coffee maker. This is a Coffee Maker Deluxe. This thing grinds the coffee, brews it, times it all so it wakes you with the tantalizing smell of Vanilla Nut or Cinnamon Hazelnut (yes I drink flavored coffee. I also pollute it with cream and sugar. Got a problem with that?). And all this comes in a nifty little machine that is also fun to watch! Oh yes indeed. When we ran it the first time, Richard and I huddled over the counter, noses close to the top, peering through the clear plastic to watch not only the beans grind into powder, but the water itself blort through the little channels into the filter basket.


Oh yeah, wedding pictures. Richard and I weeded through the 200+ shots (the photographer did both color and black and white) to choose just a few to post. Click on the picture below to see them. Enjoy!

Richard and Jenipurr's Wedding Album
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