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Okay, I admit it. I lied. It wasn't intentional. You'll have to believe I did my best. I said I wasn't going to watch again but I couldn't help myself. Despite my best efforts, it got the better of me. I wanted to know. I *had* to know. I was sucked back in, but at least I know I wasn't alone.

I watched Survivor. Yes, twice more. Last week and then tonight. I actually left work at a decent hour just to get home in time to watch it. I was hoping for Rich to be voted off the island. I even yelled at Kelly when she chose Sue over Rich in the beginning. I thought perhaps the rest of them would clue in on how he'd used them from the beginning, but it didn't happen. He won. I broke down to watch this stupid little show - I became one of the mindless masses, and the weasel actually won!

I'll give him credit for consistancy though - I can't fault him for that. He's never tried to hide what a pompous arrogant jerk he was. He was just that and nothing more. But still, I was rooting for any of the others. Oh, I'm glad Sue didn't get it - her pouty sore-loser attitude toward Kelly at the end only underscored why it was good that she was booted. And it would have been nice to see Rudy get it, just because I liked his attitude. He just didn't seem to care. He was just coasting. I've got furniture to rearrange and closets to consolidate and shelves to move to prepare for Richard moving in, and this TV show dragged me down into its clutches and held me in procrastination mode, morbidly fascinated despite myself.

At least now it's over. Even though I think the wrong person won, at least it's done and I can go back to my normal life without getting sucked into the vortex of TV-land anytime soon. And if I can avoid getting anywhere near a TV for the Survivor II, so much the better.

As an ending, you'll have to humor me as I go into an entirely unrelated gushy auntie mode. I received this picture in my email on Monday. I'm going up to see her in a few weeks. Go ahead. Tell me she isn't just the cutest thing. I dare you. (but if my email doesn't work, be patient. Pacbell did something funky with the servers and aliases are bouncy lately)