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My parents got T-shirts while at the Scottish games. His read 'Orthodox Druid' and hers read 'Reformed Druid'. They drew lots of attention when they wore them at the Renaissance Faire yesterday. One man pointed out that perhaps this meant that they got Arbor Day off from work. We joked about mom wearing it to the hospital when she went in later that day, but figured perhaps the patients might not have quite enough of a sense of humor to appreciate their chaplain wearing something like that. I dunno - seeing that would make me laugh, and they say laughter is the best medicine. Richard and I, lacking Druid shirts, wore our peasant garb instead. I can only go about half a day in a bodice before I'm scrambling to remove it. I don't know quite *how* the women used to do it back then - I can never seem to breathe deep enough when it's on!

The purpose of going to the Faire was to do some research for the wedding. My mom brought her camera and anytime we'd see an outfit that looked like what I was envisioning for the wedding, she'd corner the poor person and get them to pose for a picture.

The Faire is always a fun even to attend, although since they moved from their home down in Black Point, the size has lessened, and some of the familiar booths and such are no longer there. At least it was a lovely weekend to attend - we're going through an unusual cold snap (it actually rained last week!) that's been a welcome change from the more normal sweltering August heat.

It was a productive trip, I think. My mom and I got some good ideas, and some names and numbers for people who might be able to help us find some of what we'll be looking for. I think my mom's having fun - basically with this theme, I've given her a research project, and she dove right in. Ironic that I didn't think my mom would go for the theme....and yet she's the one who suggested it to *me*. In other words, in case you haven't figured it out by now, the wedding will have a Renaissance theme. Me and my bridesmaids in Elizabethian gowns, and the men in appropriate garb as well. That includes tights. I sense blackmail opportunities from the wedding photos. Oh yes.

And now a more contemplative note.....

As we were perusing a selection of dragon puppets at one of the vendor tables at the Scottish games on Sunday, Richard pulled out his inhaler and medications. Seeing the inhaler, an older woman approached him, and before I knew it, they were in a friendly discussion about prescription drugs, why it was that adrenaline shots were better than the treatments offered now, etc. There is, she and Richard pointed out as I blinked in surprise, an entire subculture around asthma that I was unaware of. Her husband grinned at me and asked me if I'd taken Richard to the hospital yet. He'd taken his wife, he noted rather matter-of-factly, nearly once a month during their first few years of marriage. It was rather an odd question - something I hadn't even thought about. I know Richard has asthma - I know he's on a series of medications and will be for the rest of his life, and I'm used to his schedule. I even cleared out my purse so there'd be room in it for his meds when we go out. And it's not like I don't realize that asthma can be really severe. It's just that I've never seen him 'sick' from it. I guess it's something I'm going to learn to live with and deal with. In a way, the husband's attitude helped tremendously. In a sense, his words indicated that well, it happens, but you deal with it, you go to the hospital, and you move on. It's just a part of Richard's life. He's used to it - it's no big deal to him. It's just up to me to reach that same point.