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I'm getting two new sisters out of this marriage thing, as is Richard. I had dinner with my soon-to-be almost-twin sister-in-law on Monday night (almost-twin because she's only five days older than me). She and a handful of her coworkers were at UCDavis for training, so I left work early (funny how lately 6pm is leaving work early - sigh). We gathered together over pasta and garlic bread to laugh and talk, share stories about significant others (there was a brief conversation around one woman's fiance and his socks which keeps running through my head and making me giggle), discuss their oh-so-fascinating training courses, and catch up on the wedding plans. His sister brought pictures of a swan float they'd seen on their recent trip to Disneyland, because she'd seen it and thought of me......the reason being that the latest addition to Wedding Plans by the Insane Parents (or - another good example of why it was perhaps a bad idea to introduce the parents *before* the wedding) was that I'd float down the aisle (which we would, of course, have to turn into some sort of watery road) in a swan boat, playing the lute.

The cats are quite fascinated with the new litter box. They are spending much more time in the room where it's located, lounging nonchalantly on the floor or cat trees, pretending indifference until it actually starts, at which point at least four of them huddle, bodies tense and directed toward the source of the noise, eyes wide as they watch it rake itself clean. At least now they've graduated from peering around the doorjam from outside the room, to actually being in the same room with it, and even occasionally poking it with a paw. Now if I could just find out if the invisible cat wasn't *too* terrified of it and would actually use it, I'd be all set....

Went to see a play tonight. We've signed up for season tickets at a local theater company, and since my parents have season tickets as well, we were able to get our seats right next to each other. The play this month is Chess, which was a bit hard to follow at times, although that was due more to the play itself than to the ability or talent of those acting in it. I was familiar with some of the songs (One Night in Bankok is the most well known, of course), but a few of the others sunk their way into my head and now I've had Someone Else's Story swimming through my head nonstop. The season includes Brigadoon, which I've never see, West Side Story, which has some beautiful music, and several other plays. Somehow getting season tickets (even though it is just for community theater) seems so very adult. It keeps sneaking up on me - those little reminders.