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I got absolutely nothing productive done on Friday. And it was wonderful. I actually called in sick. I was feeling perfectly fine of course, but sometimes you just have to play hooky. It was a rather difficult decision; I wavered back and forth on the topic for a while that morning. I didn't have any meetings scheduled and there was nothing due, but on the other hand, how could I justify just not showing up, and if I did stay home I had all this work to do around the house and projects unfinished and, and, and... Until Richard, who had been listening to my dithering with tolerant amusement, pointed out that there was nothing *requiring* me to do anything at all. He was right, of course. So I didn't. I lounged around and read books. I snuggled with the cats and took naps. I did nothing remotely productive for most of the day. I hadn't realized quite how much I needed that.

Apparently this wasn't enough relaxing for my body, though. After the climb up and down that very steep cliff on Saturday, Sunday morning I woke up with arms and legs aching. I'd expected that - it's been an awfully long time since I've done anything quite that strenuous (lo, the fast-paced life of the computer nerd). But what I hadn't expected was the complete exhaustion. I was dragging most of the day. We had planned to go out looking at floors on Sunday, and did find a color we liked. The next stop was to go through some model homes to get ideas on decorating, but after we'd walked through the first batch, I couldn't muster up any more energy at all. My stomach was hurting but I figured I'd simply managed to eat something that didn't agree with me so I brushed it aside.

It wasn't until I kept complaining of being cold and realized that the temperature in the house was nearly 80 degrees that it finally occurred to me that there might be more to this lack of energy than just the physical workout the day before. Sure enough I had a fever. Amazing how taking a few aspirin will perk you right up again. Sheesh. Took me long enough to figure it out. And fortunately I was perfectly fine again by Monday - right back to work.