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Meow to me

Really good excuses why I couldn't clean my house this morning:

I couldn't make the bed because Tangerine was curled up on the comforter.

I couldn't pick up the pile of blankets that had fallen onto the floor because Rosemary had made them into a nest.

I couldn't throw away the empty box because Sebastian was inside,and purring.

I couldn't clean up the newspapers because Azrael was wrestling with them.

I couldn't pick up the stuffed animals because Rebecca knocked them off when she jumped up to the shelf and she was still there.

I couldn't put the towels back in the linen closet because Zuchinni was in there and he would have been scared if I opened the door.

I couldn't put the chairs back because Allegra was lying in the sunbeams right where they would have had to go.

Okay, so I was also really really tired because the cats were so glad to see me last night that they didn't think I should be allowed to sleep and instead should be forced to pet them until the wee hours. And after the week I've had with design sessions and being dragged back and forth between meetings and having to go stomp on ideas of new development before they got any bigger than just an idea, and working too long hours, well, I was completely drained.

But still. I really did have the best of intentions this morning. I really did think I could make a quick zip through the house and at least pick up a few things so that it wasn't quite so bad.

(I *knew* there were good reasons for having so many cats!)