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I am sooo tired of bland food. If I never eat yogurt or applesauce or cottage cheese again, I'd be a happy, happy woman. I tried eating regular food, but my stomach rebelled (hoo boy did it rebel). I'm crossing my fingers that this stupid bug goes away *soon* because I'm starting to dream about cheese. And milk products are just not a good idea right now (sob).

I heard back about the job. As I expected, my lack of previous management experience hurt me. I was expecting to be told no, so it wasn't a surprise. I'm trying to pretend right now that I'm not more disappointed than I am.

Things are running around at a fever pitch at work - or should I say, they were yesterday when I was there. The relapse forced me to stay home today, close to the bathroom (ugh). This is our last week of development (yeah, right) and of course people are suddenly finding things that *have* to be done now. Ha. Nasty old Jennifer made them escalate it to their own bosses. If they're going to force us to delay our finish date, I want to make darn sure that their own people know about it. This has the effect of having people write snippy little emails about how Jennifer insisted that they escalate, and wouldn't even start the work until she heard back. You can bet your sweet patooty I did. After nearly a year of this project I am sick and tired of not having a finished design. And being sick always makes me grumpy. Heh. Poor people. I feel for them. Really I do. Uh huh.

We had important decisions to make today at home. Our builder stopped by with plans and we had to discuss placement of water spigots outside, and heating vents inside. There's codes about how far from a door the furnace has to be so the water heater is moving out to the garage. I'm eying the open space that is now directly behind my pantry and pondering expansion there. We also discussed windows. Apparently there's some code that says that a fireman has to be able to get through with a full pack on. Hence, windows must be larger. Okay. I was still weak from being sick and Richard hadn't been feeling too good the last few days anyway so we nodded dumbly when he talked about dimensions and queried us on vent placement. I'll bet you never pondered the placement of your heating vents. Trust me. It's a question that makes you think. The further we get into this, the more I wish it was just over and someone else was making the decisions, and the more I realize just how many decisions are yet to be made. Someone once told me that the pattern of building a house is that you hate it during the process, then love it after.

The process is going to be going on for the next 5 months.