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01/05/2003: Well-practiced cough

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In retrospect, we could have left the tree and all the Christmas decorations up til Twelfth Night, since the distinct lack of communication from the main office of Benthic Creatures has indicated that at least we're not going to be on the road for one more week. But too late now - we took down the tree on Thursday and dragged it to the curb, now all that's left are the outdoor lights (which Richard will be taking down today, seeing as how it's bright and sunny out). The plant tree can finally move out of the dining room and back to the living room now. I'm rather looking forward to this, if only because having the plant tree in the dining room has made that room a bit too crowded for comfort.

This winter cold I'm battling seems to be what's going around. A number of friends have already made their way through it, but apparently I've still got a few weeks to go. The aches and fever are gone, but only to be replaced with a charming cough that feels as if I'm going to hack up a lung. And along with the cough I have the voice of either a Smurf or a chronic smoker, when I've got any voice at all.

I'll admit I'm getting a bit impatient with this sickness. The weather's been perfect for biking and Richard has happily taken advantage of it. But I can't join Richard because I'm too busy coughing and wheezing to get very far. Yesterday we went to the grocery store and loaded up on fruits and vegetables in preparation for a full week of healthy eating. I can only hope that I'm well enough to take advantage of some of this additional idle time before we're back on the road and too far from home to enjoy it.

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