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January 10, 2003: TV and purple and stuff

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I didn't actually intend to go completely revamping my site. It just sort of happened. I'd gotten tired of the old backgrounds I'd been using for the Childfree-by-Choice site and started poking around in Fireworks to see what I could come up with. And then I opened up this neat swirly purple graphic I've had sitting in my graphics folder for probably years now and tacked on some more purple for the background and fell head-over-heels in love with it and decided that I wasn't going to waste it on the Childfree site (even though I did come up with something I like just fine for the Childfree site, so the initial task was actually completed). So first I switched over one page, and then I switched over a few more, and then I decided that I liked the purple stuff so much that I might as well switch it all over, and besides I'd had that yellow/green pattern for nearly two years and it was certainly time for a change.

So. Purple. It's the kind of color that makes me inordinately happy when I look at it. Ooh! Purple! Pretty! I think I'll keep it like this for a while.

Aside from the playing-with-gifs, I've been blissfully lazy these past few days. We spent about two days going through all six disks in season 3 of Buffy the Vampire slayer. Alas, there are no more new episodes to watch, and season 4 will not come out for months. We are reduced to the weekly episode of the current season now, full of Giles (who might or might not be dead, and thus Evil), whiny teenage girls (because Dawn, apparently, wasn't enough whining for the show), and the occasional shot of a shirtless Spike. Yet still, this is the only series for which we will make a concerted effort to actually get home to watch TV, now that Fox in its infinite stupidity pulled Firefly from the schedule. Sigh.

Last night was the first choir practice of the season. The director snagged a number of us for a smaller ensemble for this weekend and we went over the song after regular rehearsal. Then he asked if I'd mind singing with the women instead of the men. People, I sing tenor. Me singing soprano (and it's *high* soprano!) is the equivalent of a guy singing falsetto. Apparently it works (according to everyone else) so who am I to quibble, but it feels weird.

Anyway. Now that I've exhausted all the usual excuses (DVD's to watch, library books to read - although there are still more of those, graphics to play with) I need to stop being so lazy. There's filing to be done and a wedding album to finish and I'm crossing my fingers that we can get *someone* to return our phone calls so we can finally get started on the backyard because as lovely as the weed-infested swamp might be, we'd kind of prefer something a bit less squishy and prickly.

Also, I think I'm finally over this winter whatsis cold thing. Which means that of course the weather has abruptly switched from sunny and nice to windy and wet, and thus I have not been able to go biking. Grumble. Stupid Murphy's Law.

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