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January 22, 2003: Pondering pictures

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We watched Reign of Fire this afternoon. It was one of those movies that we both wanted to see because it had dragons, but the reviews were so mixed that we couldn't justify forking over the bucks to see it in a real theater.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I actually liked it. Granted there were some fairly large and glaring plot inconsistencies, like the fact that the Americans were flying a helicopter that had an endless supply of fuel, and the fact that while the guys in the castle all had to read and cook by candlelight, somehow they had enough electricity for spot lights and music during their party. Because nothing says "hey dragons, there's nothing here for you so go away!" quite like spotlights directly over your hiding place! And then there's the whole notion of there only being one male dragon in the entire world. But regardless of those teensy tiny plot holes, it was a fun film, which managed to combine dragons and bearded peasants living in burnt-out castles with tattoos and machine guns and tanks. I can just imagine the bunch of earnest little fan-boys crowded around the table, hashing out this plot. "It'll be great! Tanks! Vroom! Guns! Kapow kapow. And…and…dragons. Breathing fire and eating people. No, trust me. This will work."


Add Sudafed to the list of sinus medications that do not work. Not only did that stuff not clear up my nose, but it kept me awake and wired until about 2 in the morning, when I finally gave up and crawled into bed and lay very carefully in exactly one position for the remainder of the night so that maybe I could finally almost breathe and get some sleep.

I was supposed to go to the dentist this morning, but I called yesterday and postponed. They don't like it when people sneeze on them. I was also supposed to go for knitting lesson number two - How to Purl - last night, but I called and cancelled that too. On the plus side, there's a meeting tonight I wasn't really all that anxious to go to, so I'm thinking that if nothing else, me being sick has at least given me a really good excuse to stay home, where I won't be bothering everyone (including, apparently, the mayor of our little town) with my snuffling and honking.


I have finally finished the wedding album, and it's not even our second anniversary yet. Woo. Go me! I did run out of photo corners at one point, and had a small worry about whether I'd be able to find more because it used to be that stores only sold those horrid peel-and-stick photo albums and even though you could buy the paper pages, finding the little sticky corners was next to impossible. And some of us really cannot stand those peel-and-stick photo albums. But since the advent of scrap booking - a hobby I find amusingly interesting but have no urge to take up, considering that it requires far more artistic talent than I possess (like the ability to actually match *colors*) - photo corners have made a smashing comeback. Heck, even our local drug store had a selection of them.

But anyway, it's done. I sorted through all the pictures and I have a pile of duplicates that I guess are just going to have to live in a little envelope with the album. And I'll admit that even though it was rather a tedious sort of task (and this is just putting pictures neatly onto a page, folks. I cannot even begin to imagine the time involved in adding colors and edges and what have you. How do you scrap booking people ever get anything done? No, seriously. You people amaze me), it was still fun to flip through the pictures and remember. From the pictures you'd never know all the disasters that took place - the fact that the ushers are wearing choir robes instead of shirts because the seamstress didn't finish, and the fact that most of the groomsmen and bridesmaids' outfits got horribly screwed up (she was literally sewing them, upstairs in the church, while everyone waited downstairs), and the fact that because of all that, the ceremony started a full hour late. It's only if you look really closely that you can see the strain on my and my mom's faces in the pre-wedding pictures, and frankly, from what I gather, that pre-wedding strain on the mom and bride is almost a requirement anyway.

It was a fun wedding, outfit and late-starting disasters not withstanding. I'd upload a few more pictures but that would require trying to figure out just why the scanner doesn't want to talk to me (to show you the extent of my laziness, it's probably because it's not even connected, but I'm just not motivated to check). So for those of you who may not have seen them before, there's a page of some of the pictures located here. The one with my grapes is still my favorite (it's at the bottom of that page). We have it framed and hanging on the wall beside the stairs and it never fails to make me smile.

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