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February 22, 2003: Seeing

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Last weekend we decided to give Netflix a try, mainly since we've become really bad at turning in our rental DVD's, and those late fees are starting to rack up. While we're on the road it probably isn't going to be such a great deal since we'll only have the weekends to watch movies, but once we're home on a more regular basis again, I envision significant savings. So after being gone all week training mollusks (I spent three days in San Luis Obispo; Richard spent four days in San Mateo), it was nice to come home to a trio of movies. Richard popped My Big Fat Greek Wedding into the DVD player and we snuggled on the couch to watch it. It was a cute movie, typically predictable, and probably struck more of a cord with me than with Richard, if only because women tend to understand and sympathize with the intricacies of wedding planning more than men. We've already had fun searching for titles on the Netflix site and setting up a queue. If we do this right, we should be able to look forward to new movies waiting for us in our mailbox each week when we come home. I sense significant quantities of movie cheese in my future. Whee!


When you live with other people you tend to pass colds and viruses back and forth amongst each other. My college roommate and I spent one memorable winter tossing a rather nasty flu back and forth. She'd recover and I'd be down for the count for a week; then I'd recover and it was her turn again.

When Richard and I stopped to actually think about it recently, we realized we've been taking turns being sick since autumn of last year. This past week, while I finally managed to recover from my latest bout of this whatever-it-is, he's been dealing with wheezing and coughing and shortness of breath. Going by our recent history, this means in another week or two it would be my turn again. Gah.

Luckily, Richard decided that he has had enough of this latest bout of being sick, so after a few phone calls through the week with his doctor, they scheduled him to come in. This morning I drove Richard to the hospital, where the doctor revealed that there's been an epidemic of whooping cough in Yolo County and decided that his wheezing and deep-seated cough warranted a blood test for that. When she rattled off the symptoms I perked up immediately, since it sounds kind of like what I've been fighting off over the past few months. The good news, I suppose, is that even if his test comes back positive, it's likely that he passed the contagious period months ago, and he's got some hefty antibiotics anyway, just in case. I am hoping this means that perhaps in the near future we might both manage to be healthy again, and at the same time. Hey, it could happen!

And speaking of fun with health issues, Tuesday I started getting this weird flutter (I don't know how else to describe it) in my chest at random intervals - almost like my heart would suddenly speed up for a beat or three. When it started coming more and more frequently I finally broke down and called the pharmacist to ask if this might possibly be a nifty side effect from one of those new medications I was prescribed. Her response was to stop taking both (well, duh!), and that it was most likely a result of the combination.

At the very least, now that I've been off them for about two days, the weirdness has almost completely gone away. But still. Sigh. So much for my dreams of allergen-free living.


Rebecca adores high places. If it's a high place that's awkward to get to, and could quite conceivably result in her being able to shove things onto the floor, so much the better (add extra points if those things are breakable). Luckily we caught her in the act this time, lurking on one of the higher shelves in the computer room behind Richard's collection of bibles and other religious books, and I was able to grab the camera in time. She huffed off a few moments later. It takes all the fun out of it for a grouchy little cat when the humans think it's *cute*.

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