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February 26, 2003: Wednesday morning blues

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Today feels far too strange for the middle of the week. The problem is that we checked out of our hotel in Redwood City this morning, which to my befuddled brain usually means that I am going home once the day is over. However this week, this is not the case once what promises to be an extremely long and mind-numbing day of training is over, we pile into our cars and fight the nasty rush hour traffic to go to San Francisco, where we'll spend another two nights doing mollusk training there.

I am trying to convince myself that this isn't so bad; that it is in reality not one full week but two very short ones. Unfortunately, this isn't working. But at least it was worth a shot. On the plus side, all reports indicate that at least the site in San Francisco has been quite busy, which is always preferable. The days pass by a lot faster when we've actually got something to do.

Time to pack everything into my suitcase for the mid-week hotel switch. Time to refrain from whimpering because I will be moving from a room that offers me free high-speed internet access to a room with crappy dial-up. Time to get a move on because I agreed (in exchange for an origami frog yesterday. Yes we were really that bored) to pick up donuts for everyone.

I want to go home. All I really want to do is just go home.

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