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March 03, 2003: L is for Laughter

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There is a woman I know who has practiced her laugh. Every time she hears or says something she considers funny, she opens her mouth, tilts her head back just a bit to the side, crinkles her nose, and gives a carefully rehearsed and feminine "ha ha ha". I make the assumption that this laugh is not her natural laugh because every once in a while, if you can manage to catch her off guard, the real thing sneaks through.

I cannot imagine trying to change a laugh. Laughter is one of those things that is so often uniquely your own. Everyone's laugh is different high pitched, deep chuckles, silent shoulder heaves, and even the occasional snort. If it's genuine, it doesn't matter how it sounds. Genuine laughter of any kind is one of the best sounds of all.

We laugh in my family laughter between siblings; between parents and children; between spouses and in-laws and each other. Humor can bring us together; laughter only serves to strengthen the bond of love that already exists between each member. I see the same in Richard's family. No wonder he can burst into laughter as readily as I. It's just one of the reasons I fell in love with him his ability to laugh.

We do a lot of laughing in my family. I was raised with good-natured teasing and taught the ability to find humor in almost every situation. I was allowed and encouraged to laugh; to find what was funny and express my appreciation. It seems so simple a concept the premise of laughter. But I know far too many people who do not seem to understand how important it can be.

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