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March 22, 2003: Q is for Quiz

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Overall self
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I found this link on my sister-in-law's livejournal site, and on a whim, took the test. The results surprised me with how accurate they are.

First, I get to be highly amused by the description of my conscious self, which clearly states that I'm nerdy (yet highly competitive - and I can certainly be that if I'm not paying attention. It's kind of scary how quickly I can turn anything into a personal competition if I'm not careful). I am definitely more technical than creative. Richard often says I don't give myself enough credit; that I actually can be creative. But when I actually took some time to think about it, I realized that my creativity - such as it is - is bound by patterns and numbers. If it is mathematical, or if there is a pattern or a map I can follow, I can be extremely creative. My lack of artistic and creative talents occurs in areas where I am required to think in more unconfined terms. I know that seems awfully restrictive, but somehow with my brain, this works.

The second part of the assessment - the overall self - also seems rather accurate for me. I do tend to prefer to blend into the crowds and would much rather be part of the group than to stand out (with a few exceptions, since of course there's that pesky competitive streak lurking within, after all). I do tend to be fairly open with my friends and people I like - and conversely, I am more likely to act much more reserved around those I don't like, so as to discourage conversation and any more exposure than necessary.

It's a pretty interesting little quiz. Perhaps not as earth-shatteringly important as the highly technical, extremely applicable quiz that Richard and I put together one night a year or so ago, but still, I am intrigued that something as simple as a few multiple choice questions could define me so well.

This has been an entry written in the spirit of AlphaBytes.

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