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March 29, 2003: It runs deep in my family

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When we got home this weekend, we found the next three movies from our NetFlix queue in the mail that had accumulated (as if by magic!) on our breakfast nook table. One of these movies was the Veggie Tales movie about Jonah and the whale.

This movie was placed on our queue after much prodding and insisting from my parents and a number of other people, who have not only been insisting that we watch both the movie and the shorter shows, but who have also been regaling us with songs from the Veggie Tales show (like the one my Dad recently played me, called "You are his Cheeseburger."). The reasoning for watching it this weekend was simply because it was next up on our NetFlix queue. We also got another two episodes of The Prisoner. While this makes Richard extremely happy, I have to admit that I have failed to grasp the magnificence that is The Prisoner. Alas. Or something. Thankfully Richard doesn't mind that I find the show fairly tedious, and is perfectly happy to watch the remaining 16 episodes on his own. Because yes, we *do* have the whole series sitting in our NetFlix queue right now. Lucky us!

Anyway, the whole point of that rather rambley paragraph above was to note that this weekend we finally watched the Veggie Tales movie. Or rather, I should say that we giggled our way through the movie, and then spent the rest of the weekend singing "Jonah was a prophet. Ooh, ooh! But he really didn't get it. Ooh, Ooh!" to each other at random intervals. Plus we both fell in adoration with the goofy little caterpiller and when we're not singing about Jonah, we're declaring that digestion runs deep in our family in our best caterpiller accents.

After letting on that we've finally at least seen the movie, my parents pointed out a few highlights of the DVD we'd missed - namely a tour of the Big Ideas studio, which produces the show, and a few other things. So naturally, since we'd yet to stuff the DVD into its little NetFlix return envelope, we popped it back into the player again and went poking around to find these nifty additional bits.

Unfortunately, our copy doesn't include the tour and such. But we did, on a whim, turn on the commentary for the movie, done by Larry the cucumber and Mr. Lunt (which popular opinion amongst our acquaintances designates as a lemon). Normally I would run screaming from any commentary about a movie, especially when done by someone who was actually involved (because frankly, I could care less what they were thinking at a particular scene), but in this case, it was worth it. The two 'vegetables' chattering back and forth to each other had us laughing out loud. It got old after while, but the first ten minutes or so was worth it.

I shouldn't have to even tell you that afterwards I promptly went to NetFlix and added every single Veggie Tales DVD I could find to our queue. This is not just because the whole concept of animated, armless vegetables amuses us greatly. This is also for self-preservation. If I'm going to be hounded by my own family members singing such things as "Barbara Manatee, You're the One for Me," and "Where is My Hairbrush?" at me every time I turn around, the least I can do is to return the favor.

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