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April 01, 2003: Plans

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I feel a bit awkward here. But then I suppose that is simply normal for the first few days at a new job. And it is with grim amusement that I have to consider just how often I've dealt with those first few awkward days in the past year or two. I am hoping that this job-hopping will have finally stopped for me, at least for a while. I know that no job can ever last forever. If nothing else, my experiences with the Big and Little Fish, and all the companies before and after them, have taught me that. But still, it would be nice to be somewhere a bit longer. Perhaps even more than a year?

I gave myself the weekend to relax and get back into just being home. I even stretched it out through Monday, due to the fact that I am still a bit sick from this latest bout with the Winter Thing. But I've got a long list of things to accomplish, now that I'm home. It ranges from such lovely items as "scrub the baseboards and floor around the shower stall" to "finish those stupid curtains already!" And really, there is no excuse for me to not get at least some of these things done.

To this end I decided that I would set a timer, if necessary (since I do recognize my penchant for procrastination, especially when it comes to decidedly un-fun things like house cleaning). And every night I am home (nights that don't include time-sucking activities like choir practice and craft night) I have to turn on the timer for just an hour, and get some of those things done. If nothing else, it will give me a sense of accomplishment, and serve to underscore the fact that I'm finally, permanently, home.

The cats are settling down, albeit slowly. Rebecca is still clingy, but it's not nearly as bad. She still follows me avidly from room to room, but I am no longer required to hold her constantly. Additionally, Sebastian - while he does tend to want to stay closer to me than normal (which inevitably leads to him camping out under my computer chair) is finally quieting down and no longer feels compelled to yell his fuzzy little head off the second he realizes that he can no longer see me. It's been one of those oh-so-charming (ha!) habits of his that have made our brief weekends even less relaxing when we were constantly on the road.

Richard is off in Riverside and I won't see him again for three weeks except for a very brief weekend stop-over which will probably only be long enough for him to do his laundry. The fact that he is not home is even worse considering that he is extremely sick - so much so that after a conversation with the advice nurse (wherein I spoke to the nurse and typed back and forth to Richard via instant messenger because he couldn't get through) he ended up going to the emergency room last night. By himself. Because he is a plane flight away and there was simply no way for me to get down there to go with him. Asthma. Ain't it grand. Sigh.

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