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May 14, 2003: Reshaped

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There are plusses and minuses to working in a tiny office. For example, one benefit is that there are no vending machines, and now that the bag of tootsie rolls in the kitchen has been depleted, this means that unless I want to chew coffee grounds, I am reduced to sucking down water in the late afternoon when I am hungry. Alhough donít think I havenít considered the coffee grounds idea a time or two. Ditto with the plastic silverware.

This is good for the whole Ďhealthier me' thing, of course, since I bring my lunch every day (hooray for the joy that is frozen dinners). So if I donít bring it with me, I donít get to eat. Naturally, one of the things we purchased shortly after we decided to take the eating plan seriously again was a set of little one-cup containers, providing an easy method of carrying around my current favorite snack food (Lucky Charms). Quit snickering. Lucky Charms has little crunchy marshmallows. There isnít a vegetable out there that can top that.

On the down side, the size of the office means that there really is nowhere to eat the aforementioned bag lunch unless I sit at my desk. And then I feel really weird not actually doing something productive if Iím at my desk. What can I say - the workaholic guilt thing is a hard habit to break.

Of course this has also worked out well for the whole Ďhealthier me' thing, since if I go work out, then I am out of the office for about 45 minutes and I can take a little break from whatever it is I was doing at the time. Granted I still end up eating my lunch at my desk when I return, but at least there is a break in there somewhere. And I suppose the need for a short break from the office is as good an incentive as any to get some exercise.


Apropos of nothing, my new favorite drink these days is Diet Vanilla Coke. This is because it incorporates a number of important features, including caffeine, bubbles, the taste of vanilla, absolutely no calories whatsoever. Of course what is more critical than the things it includes is the one thing it doesn't have - that revolting aftertaste that defines the regular Diet Coke and has led me to demand to know whether restaurants carry Pepsi or Coke because diet colas are not alike.

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