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August 31, 2003: Moving friends

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Friday night we got three flats of creepers and planted them in ragged little clumps among the rocks of the path around the raised flowerbed. This has the lovely effect of making the rock path look as if it has sprouted a few dozen rather unsightly clumps of weeds. My hope is that the creepers will grow to fill in the holes and once it is more uniformly green and leafy, it will look slightly less unkempt.

After our little foray into gardening for the artistically inept, we watched Death to Smoochy, because apparently this week was a Robin Williams week. And after that we went to bed to try to rest up for the next day because…

Saturday we spent all day in Berkeley, helping Beth and Sabs move out of one apartment and into another about twenty minutes drive away.

Amusingly enough, we actually helped them move into that apartment a few years back – and back then we'd never met them until the day we showed up to help them lug their few thousand boxes of books up an extremely steep and narrow flight of stairs (okay, I exaggerate. There may have been only a few hundred. Heh). I teased Beth at one point, asking her if this meant the friendship was now over, since we'd moved them in and were now moving them out.

It was a long and tiring afternoon, but then moving always is. It's impossible to ever be completely packed, and in their case it didn't help they have six 'helpful' kitties and an extremely active little boy. But somehow, even after resorting to tossing things willy-nilly into huge plastic bags instead of boxes, we got them into their new apartment, where we left them with towers of boxes and headed home to shower the moving grime away and then collapse into bed and not wake up until we absolutely had to the next morning.

Sunday we were both pretty sore from the moving activities on Saturday so we tried to do as little as possible until it was time to get back into the car and go off to see a play.

Richard's parents are involved in a theater group in their church. In the past few years we have seen Wizard of Oz, where Richard's little sister played the scarecrow, and Honk, where she played the (male) tomcat. This year, continuing the theme of only playing male characters, she played the lead role in Peter Pan.

It was a wonderful production, even if they did accidentally blow up Peter Pan on the pirate ship (sound effect miscue). Conveniently enough, we passed by a Trader Joe's the way home. This was a good thing because (horror of horrors) we had completely run out of the vegan cheese blintzes Richard and I are completely addicted to. And plus there is a Krispy Kreme right in the same shopping center, with the little "Hot Now" sign all lit up, and everyone knows that donuts so hot from the fryer they melt in your mouth are completely point free.

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