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September 01, 2003: The first step in making a tree

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In honor of Labor Day Richard and I did our very best to do nothing remotely productive all day. We actually were succeeding pretty admirably, having lounged around in our pajamas until lunchtime, when I couldn't stand it any longer. So we got dressed and ate lunch and then headed off to pick out three different colors of paint. Two are for the claustrophobic toilet room in the master bathroom, and the other was a quart of brown paint for the breakfast nook tree. I picked up a roll of painter's tape for the toilet room (because pin stripes are going to require an awful lot of marking – ugh), and a package of skinny art brushes, and then when we got home I spread newspaper all over the floor of the breakfast nook, dragged out the stepstool, and finally painted in the outline that has been penciled on our wall since last weekend.

Ta da! Phase one of the breakfast nook tree is complete. It's a bit startling to round the corner and see something dark on the wall, but I'm rather happy with how it turned out. Now if I could just find the same motivation to finish sewing the curtains for that room….

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