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September 27, 2003: Any day without haggis is a good day

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Friday afternoon Richard got an email from his parents about the Scottish Games. We knew about it, of course, and had discussed possibly going, but now suddenly plans were hastily made for meeting times and hence, we went.

We slept in Saturday morning as long as we could (which wasn't very long), and started the morning with a trip to the local bakery for a dozen assorted donuts. This was our reward for four weeks of sticking religiously to the Weight Watchers program. Yes, I know, perhaps a donut binge isn't exactly the best way to reward oneself when one is on a diet, but that's what Flex Points are for, and while I may not exactly like their new program, those stupid Flex Points have to be good for *something*.

Richard's parents showed up around noon and we headed off to the games. The weather decided to cooperate (mostly) with some slight breezes, and while it was warm in the direct sun, when there was shade it was downright nice outside. I'm sure this was extremely appreciated by those who attended the Games in full Scottish garb, complete with those heavy woolen kilts, long-sleeved shirts and coats, woolen stockings, and so on.

The one in town is a nice size gathering. There are plenty of booths from all the clans, and plenty of bagpipers and dancers, and lots of music. Richard was pretty excited to discover that one of his favorite bands, Tempest, was playing several times through the course of the day, and as we meandered around we heard a few other groups perform as well. We ate traditional Scottish veggie burgers for lunch (yeah, yeah, they're only 4 points including the bun) and I took pictures of men in full costume wearing extremely colorful socks, and someone who looked far too much like all the classic pictures of Santa. But the best possible thing of all was a huge dragon built from all types of metal parts that actually could move its head and breathe fire. I want a dragon like this. No, I *need* a dragon like this. Think how incredibly cool it would be to just park a big metal dragon about the size of a Winnebago on the front lawn. I'm sure the neighbors wouldn't mind at all. Especially the part where it shoots flames out of its nose.

It was a nice lazy day, strolling around the Games, occasionally parking somewhere to listen to music, checking out the sights and sounds. And once we were done we had plenty of time for dinner at a little Mediterranean restaurant in Davis, and a side trip to both a coffee shop and a bookstore (to pick up the latest Lemony Snicket) before meeting my parents for the Davis Musical Theater Company's first offering of the season. Unfortunately it wasn't one of their better ones. It didn't have the horrific fascination of that infamous production of Oliver Twist we winced through a few years back. It wasn't that the singing was bad, or the cast inept. It just lacked…oomph. It seemed too often to get lost. And while I usually like Music Man quite a bit, I was right there with the rest of our little crowd when we all decided to skip out after the first act and go get pie instead. Because after all, what good are those darn Flex Points if you cannot blow them all in one day on donuts and caramel apple pie ala mode?

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